fast carnet - where we are coming from

How it started

In 2007 our analog development team started in AMS development projects at Technical University in Dresden. The work results were taped out between 2009 and 2015 in nodes from 180 to 28 nm.

Fast carnet project

In 2015 the fast carnet project was started as part of the fast project cluster.

Fast stands for: fast actuators sensors & transceivers. It is a project cluster, funded by German BMBF that intended to do technological break thoughs in real-time communication with a deep value chain spreaded over different clusters in all German states.

The 3 technical goals of fast were:

  • Real-time capabilities for complex sensor-actuator-systems
  • System latencies in the range of miliseconds
  • Enabling of new functions and applications

More details of  the fast project cluster can be found here. Information about the fast carnet project can be found here (only available in German).

1000BASE-T1 Core Components

In 2018 core components of the 1000BASE-T1 PHY were taped out in an 28 nm SLP CMOS node from GlobalFoundries. This milestones gave us the confidence that our competencies are available and a company foundation is doable.

Fast carnet closing

End of 2022 the fast carnet project was successfully closed. Without this project, Siliconally would not have bin founded. Thank you very much TU Dresden and BMBF for this outstanding initiative.